Louisville SEO: The Basics

SEO can be very confusing but the rewards are worth the effort. It is no secret that being on top of the search engines for the right keyword can bring your market to you. For example if you are a Louisville SEO company and you are in the first 3 that come up when someone searches for that keyword then you are going to get calls. Since they are searching for your type of business these leads are without a doubt highly targeted and they will convert into paying customers.

Offsite and Onsite SEO

SEO or search engine optimization has two major parts, onsite and offsite optimization. Onsite is making your website sef or search engine friendly. This means that you are building your pages to target your keywords. Search engines look for particular keywords or keyword phrases that are mentioned in your content, meta tags, images, etc. If you mention your keywords in the right places and in the right percentages then the search engines will consider those to be what you are targeted for. For example in your content you want to mention your keyword/phrases between 1 to 2% and have other related key phrases in your content. You also want to have them in what is called meta tags such as title tags, meta description and meta keywords tags.

Offsite optimization consists of having links coming back to your website from other sites. This can be from a lot of different sources such as blogs, websites, directories, forums, social media sites such as facebook and twitter, etc. The key here is first quality then quanity. There are a lot of factors but basicly you want links from websites that are not only high ranking but related in nature to your content. Then according to how high your competition is in your market will determine how many links it will take to rank high on the search engines.

SEO Company

SEO can be very dificult and confusing. You might want to seek help from an experienced seo company or consultant. If you at least have a basic understanding then you will have questions. This is good because when you talk to these companies you need to pay attention to the ones that actually want to help. A good seo consultant or company will take the time to understand what your needs are instead of just trying to sell you their services. Some of them will take the time to give you some kind of seo report or evaluation. Then you can take the time to try and understand what you need to do and figure out what you want and can afford to do. You have to be very careful also of the companies trying to sell you services that you are not ready for such as social media, pay per click and other services that they offer. Until you have your seo, onsite and offsite done you are not ready for the other online advertising methods.

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