Local Online Advertising

Local Online Advertising

Local online advertising is a term you should be familiar with by now. Search engines have evolved to help local consumers find what they need locally, makes sense don’t it. If you need a plumber and you live in Louisville, Ky then you don’t need a plumber in California do you? Google (the biggest and most popular search engine on the planet) has changed so that now local searches are dominant. It was a brilliant move on their part and leveled the playing field for small and medium sized businesses. You don’t have to have a huge budget like the major corporations do now.

Local Advertising With Google Is The First Step

You have no doubt heard all the buzz about Social Media Marketing like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Article Marketing. And you are probably wondering how in the world are you going to do all this. Well the answer is one step at a time. The question is what is the first step? The answer to that is google. It really is not only the first step but the best. Think about it. When someone is typing a search term in google, like a personal injury lawyer for example, do you think they are looking for one now or just looking for one later. That is with out a doubt the most targeted lead you can get. If you haven’t figured out what your main keywords (search terms your customers are typing into google) are then you are missing out on a lot of customers. Local online advertising starts with google in your own city.

What Are Your Customers Searching For?

This is where it all begins. What are your customers typing into their google searches. This will be the keyword that you start your online marketing with. From your website to articles to blogs to linkbuilding, it starts with the keyword. Once you figure out a keyword or keyword phrase and use relevant keywords, then you build all your marketing content around those.

What Is Local Online Advertising?

Based on the keywords you are using, local search is simply a geographic identifier. If your keyword is advertising agency, and you are in Louisville, then local search would be advertising agency in Louisville or advertising agency Louisville Ky. The search results will then be based in the Louisville area instead of national or global results. This is why local online advertising is so important now. Statisics show that traditional yellow pages, phone books, etc, are less effective now because more people do local searches on their computers and mobile devices than anywhere else.

Is Local Online Advertising Effective?

It is a fact that local online marketing is getting more critical by the day. Local search is out running traditional advertising like phone books, newspaper ads etc. It is really simple, would you rather thumb through the phonebook or do a search on Google. I think the answer is obvious. It is easier to type in what you are looking for So, that is what more and more people are doing, it really is that simple.

How Do I Get Started Advertising Online?

You take one step at a time. The first place to start is google places. If you are not listed and optimized, then you are losing money. Google Places (or maps) is the best place to get your local search phrase (or keyword) found online by customers searching for your products and services, and it is free.

Free Local Search Results

What I want to tell you is that you don’t have to have a large budget to be able to advertise online. There are lots of simple ways to immediately get customers to your website for free.

So what I am offering is a free website evaluation and a small business guide to google places. No matter where you are in your online business and marketing efforts you can take the next  step with a little help.

Now, you are probably wondering why I would give this to you and the answer is to gain your trust. I would like to help you start getting customers immediately. I feel that it’s important to give first. Because I know that if I give you value first, then you will come back to me for all your local search advertising needs.

Just give me a call to set up an appointment and you will get a free assessment of your website and online marketing efforts  plus a free “Small Business Guide To Google Places“,which is just one of many simple and effective ways to build your local online advertising campaign.

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